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Proverbs 16:24
“Well ordered words are as an honeycomb; sweetness to the soul
and health to the bones"

Isn't it amazing how the Lord compares His Word to honey. The sweetness to the soul is when we read each day and honey is health to the bones that we take each day.
Have you had some of each today?

















Local Raw Honey

  • I do not harvest honey, nor are there any vendors in this area, like myself, that produce honey either. Some people may tell you that on the road, as they want you to think the honey is produced nearby.
  • Raw Honey: Quart Jars (3lbs.) $15.50.
  • My Location; I m on 1488 near 242 across from HEB from 9am to 5:30pm Mon thru Sat (never on Sun.) If I'm off at any other time, I post it at the top of the page in red. I also deliver to stores on some occasions during the week and that delays me getting set up, sometimes until around noon.
  • Facebook; now on FB at Texas Honey Distributors.
  • Recycle: we would "bee" grateful for returned jars


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